Minister’s April Pastoral letter

Dear friends
Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Allelulia!
These are the words we say to each other on Easter morning. A
celebration of Jesus rising from the dead that first Easter
All four gospels tell us slightly different stories of what happened
around that first Easter but they tell us that things were done in a
rush on Good Friday because the day after was the Jewish
Sabbath when no work could be done. So, Jesus body was
taken down from the cross and laid in a tomb before sunset.
After the Sabbath, Mary got up early and went to the tomb
hoping to anoint his body with burial oils – she must have been
wondering how she would get the stone moved so that she
could do this but when she arrived the stone was already rolled
away from the entrance.
An angel tells Mary ‘Jesus is not here – he is risen!’ and she runs
to tell the disciples that the tomb is empty, Jesus is alive.
And here is our hope- Jesus is the one who shared our
humanity, who through love suffered and died on a cross. Yet
death was not the end of the story, In Christ death was defeated
as he rose again to life – conquering all that life and death had
thrown at him and opening the doors for all to follow him and
know eternal life – life now and life to come. God did all this
because he loves us. How else could he show just how much,
sacrificing his only son to be a sign of life and hope for all the
As we move into April, with signs of new life all around us in
lambs, chicks, flowers and buds we give thanks for Jesus the
one who brings life and hope to the world. And we thank God for
signs of hope we see in the vaccine and those who administer it
– nurses, volunteers and care workers – and in the care and
friendship found in community and shown in many ways.
And in the moments when we are feeling a little less than
hopeful, may God help us to walk towards hope, claiming it for
ourselves as we keep our eyes focussed on him.
Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Allelulia!
Have a blessed Easter,
Your friend and minister,

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