Minister’s October Pastoral Letter

Dear friends
We are certainly seeing and feeling the start of Autumn as the
weather changes, and around us leaves change colour, and
shrubs begin to show their coloured berries. Those of us who
‘grow their own’ are harvesting their crop – whether its
sweetcorn or green beans, potatoes or apples-– it certainly is a
season of fruitfulness.
However, the fruit doesn’t come without preparing the ground,
the planting and the tending and watering. As we begin to return
to some of our activities we were recently able to hold a church
meeting, it was so good to be able to discuss, explore and
consider some of the issues facing our church together).
One item which came up was the feeling that now is the time for
us to begin to think once more about the present and the future,
and to consider these questions – after all that has happened
over these past months, where are we now as a church? what is
our purpose? how can we serve God and our community in this
time and place? What does God want of us now?
Tough questions but we won’t reap the harvest unless we
prepare the ground. It has been suggested that we begin to
explore these questions together in the new year but we can
begin to prepare the ground now- through prayer.
Unless we underpin any discussions and actions in prayer it is
likely that our own efforts will come to nought.
And so, as a church some of our future prayer time will be used
to begin to pray that God would help us to open ourselves to his
purposes, that we will still ourselves so that we can hear his
voice, and that together we will be guided by the holy spirit to
follow where God leads. You may want to pray this in your own
prayer time too.
Each month, we will post a prayer on our Facebook page,
display the same prayer in our sanctuary and on the back of our
order of service which will help us to turn to God and seek his
purposes – for us and the community around us. And in the new
year we will begin to meet together to discern the way forward.
We don’t know how many opportunities are left for us to work
towards Gods harvest, so let’s be intentional about discerning
his will.
Have a blessed October
Your friend and minister

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