Minister’s Pastoral Letter December/January

Dear Friends,
Sitting down to write this letter made me cast my mind back to
this time last year-when, due to Government restrictions, we
were only able to meet together for a couple of days over the
Christmas period and in a much smaller way than first thought.
We were reminded once again of how important family and
friends are, and the need we all have for connection and

This year- hopefully- we will be able to come together more
easily to celebrate the Christmas season and maybe with a
sense of gratitude as we see that slowly we have begun to take
up the threads of ‘normal’ life again.

Despite the ups and downs of life, this is a time when we turn
again to the Christmas story – and discover the joy of it once
A well-known carol proclaims:
Joy to the world the Saviour comes
The Saviour promised long…
Let every heart prepare him room
Repeat the sounding joy…
What is it about Jesus’ coming that brings joy?
From generations of old, it was promised that one day, someone
would come who would be a Saviour, a Messiah, who would
save or rescue his people. This promise found its fulfilment in
Maybe he brings joy because the coming of Jesus into the world
was the most life-changing event in history. Nothing before or
since has changed the world more than this one event and his
coming would affect the past, the present and the future.

In this tiny baby, this scrap of human life, God entered our world
as one of us – in Jesus, God shared our human life, and in his
living and loving, dying and rising Jesus revealed God’s heart.
In Jesus we learned that God IS love – God loves us, God is for
us, God is with us and God longs to be in relationship with us.
But the joy isn’t just ours- the carol proclaims, ‘joy to the world’
– to each and every life on the planet, to the whole of creation.
Christ came to reconcile you and me, and all of creation to
No wonder the angels sang ‘Glory to God!’

May you and yours know the joy of Christ’s coming this
Christmas season and as we journey towards a new year, may
joy and hope, love and peace go with you

Your friend and minister

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