Minister’s Pastoral Letter May 21

Hello everyone
This month marks Pentecost – often called the birthday of the
church. Before Jesus is ascended he tells his followers he will
not leave them alone like orphans, the Father will send another –
a helper, a comforter to be with them. Sure enough, at a time
when the disciples were all together, at nine o clock in the
morning, there was a sound like a gale force wind from heaven,
and what looked like small flames danced upon each one of
them and they were filled with the divine power of the holy spirit
and they couldn’t keep it in – they began to speak in different
languages. Not only that but this expression had an impact on
those around them – people around thought they were odd,
even drunk, yet they could hear their own language being
Then the holy spirit moved Peter to speak, to tell them of Jesus
and as a result those listening were ‘cut to the heart’ and asked,
what shall we do? Peter replied, ‘turn to Jesus, be forgiven and
receive him, because this promise is for you, for all who are far
away and everyone’. And many were baptised that day.
It really was the start of the movement outwards for these first
followers, who by their words and actions, lived and expressed
the message of God – that all are loved, that all can know him.
Our churches aim to open once more for public worship on
Pentecost Sunday – 23rd May and you can see why. Perhaps
during these past months, we as church have also had a
re-orientation. It will be lovely to be able to meet together again
and it may take a little while for us all to feel confident to meet
together and ‘settle in.’ Yet we are also part of this divine
movement outwards. Had we got just a little bit too comfortable
and inward looking before this previous year? Perhaps. A hymn
by John Bell about the Holy Spirit is called Enemy of Apathy –
reminding us that the holy spirit is never static. Maybe this year
God is providing us with a fresh opportunity to re-orientate
outwards – to let the winds of the holy spirit blow, to move us to 5
take God’s loving message to new places in new ways.
May God bless all of us with the company of the holy spirit –
comforter, helper and powerful wind bringing new life, blowing us
into new places to help bring that life to those around us.
Your friend and minister

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