Minister’s Pastoral Letter May ’22

Dear friends,

‘There’s no place like home’- so Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz and I’ve been thinking recently about home comforts – those small routines or items that bring us comfort.

Making a cup of tea as part of our morning routine, or in the night when we can’t sleep is one home comfort. Watching a little bit of TV in the morning or evening can provide entertainment or simply a bit of company on a quiet day.

A comfortable bed to rest in, an interesting book to read, a warm bath or shower, our favourite food to eat are all home comforts. These small things become part of the makeup of our lives and are so key to our physical and mental wellbeing.

Have you ever thought what life might be like without them? Or perhaps you remember a time when some of these things were in short supply and how difficult life felt?

Jesus also experienced times without home comforts.   “Jesus replied, ‘Foxes have dens and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.’” (Luke 9:58)

What if all these things were stripped away? There are those around us in this country and abroad who’s whole lives have been stripped back to basics, who miss those small reassuring home comforts which we take for granted.

Christian Aid is one organisation who partners with projects here and abroad to support those who are struggling. This year Christian Aid week falls on 15-21 May and on Wednesday 18 May 1pm St Helens network of churches will be holding an event here at Ormskirk Street. Working in conjunction with Café Lasiz, a community café in St Helens, there will be lunch provided and Eirlys Jessop will be speaking about the work of Christian Aid. Tickets will be £5 and we hope the event will be well supported

Come and join friends from Ormskirk Street and our sister churches for lunch, conversation and more.

And maybe as you make yourself your morning cup of tea, give thanks for those small home comforts that make such a difference.

Your friend and minster


Thinking about the future

Our second session thinking about the future of the church took place on Sunday 24 April and thanks to all those who took part.

It was a busy Sunday morning but we were able to spend some time considering the responses from the first session and in particular we discussed the issue of how we welcome people not just on Sundays but during the week. You might have your own thoughts?

We also looked at the five marks of mission- Tell (evangelism), teach (discipleship),  tend (pastoral care and service), transform (justice issues) , treasure (stewardship of creation), and we started to explore how what we do now fits with these marks of mission. The next step will be to look at all our responses over the session and see where they might fit within this framework – present and future.

The elders and the future group will be considering all our responses in their next meetings.

Congratulations to our new elders.

We were very pleased to welcome two new elders to our team during worship on Sunday 24 April. Glenda O Donnell and Joan Reakes have been ordained as elders of the United Reformed Church. At this service we also inducted Monica, Copeland, Rhona, Colin, Ian, Ann, Margaret, Donald, Sylvia, Tony plus Glenda and Joan as elders for a term.  We are delighted they are willing to serve in this way and ask God’s blessing on them as they take up their roles once more.

Pastorate Review

On Sunday 1 May we will be joining our pastorate service at Rainford followed by a buffet lunch in their church hall. After this service our pastorate elders agreed we should review our pastorate services. A survey form is being put together to allow people to offer their comments and suggestions. We hope this can be completed by the end of May and our churches informed of the results.


Church Meeting date

Please note the date of the Church Meeting will now take place on 29th May and not 22 May as originally planned. Apologies for any inconvenience.



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