Minister’s Pastoral Letter November ’21

Dear friends
It seems like November is a month for looking back and looking forward. We start the  month by looking back and end the month by looking forward. Remembrance Sunday falls mid-month- the time when we remember all those who gave, and continue to give their lives for the sake of the freedoms we t ake for granted. A friend would often reminisce about his service during world war two-. He met his wife while on leave -a kindly usherette seated him next to a female at the cinema – a couple of months later they were married. May was in the WAAAF and John was in the army. He was in the 49 th west riding infantry div. (known as the polar bears) and talked about
being on guard during the night when tea would be made in a bucket to keep them all going, and how his company travelled from Normandy to Holland where he befriended a starving Dutch family, taking them what rations he could to help.
His was just one story among many, many others but it’s at this time of year that we pause to remember the sacrifices of ordinary people like us, service personnel and their families some of whom paid the ultimate price. So it is right that we remember them.
Towards the end of the month we begin Advent – the season of looking forward- as we prepare for the coming of Jesus into this world. We wait in hopeful expectation for Christmas when we celebrate Christ’s birth and we also wait for the day when Christ will
come again. Some of us mark the waiting through the lighting of candles on an advent wreath, others use an advent calendar, this year during Advent we hope to offer weekly bible studies – dates yet to be decided so listen out for announcements.
So this month we look back and look forward but in between times, we look to God. As a church we are beginning to consider what we are here for, what Gods purposes are for us and how best we can serve God and our community in this time and place.
So as we look back and look forward we also look to God, making time for prayer in order to discern God’s direction for us.
I end with a prayer- and invite you use it as a prayer resource over the coming months.
God of Mission,
Who alone brings growth to your Church,
Send your Holy Spirit to give
Vision to our planning,
Wisdom to our actions,
Joy to our worship
And power to our witness.
Help our church to grow in numbers,
In spiritual commitment to you,
And in service to our local community,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Have a blessed month, Your friend and minister,


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