November Minister’s Pastoral Letter

Dear friends,
I’ve been thinking recently about Remembrance Sunday – that time when we mark the passing of all those who died serving this country in both world wars and more recent conflicts.
At this time, we especially look back at the actions of service men and women during these wars – all those who defended this country, including people of different cultures and backgrounds. We remember their actions of love and loyalty – being willing to serve their country and protect not just their loved ones but the whole nation, and many made the ultimate sacrifice – all done in the hope of preserving our freedom. At home in towns and
villages, people also did their bit, carrying round with them gas masks, living restricted lives, and putting up with rationing for the good of all.
We certainly have much to be grateful for in those who made huge sacrifices, giving their lives for our future – many not knowing how it would all end. It seems to me there’s some kind of comparison we can make with today’s context. Maybe in smaller ways, these themes of sacrifice and love, loyalty and freedom, are being reflected again in recent months? As Corona virus numbers rise, we are being asked to do our bit for family and community –
and are also being required to wear a mask! (as well as socially distance and wash our hands). When we think back to what others have been asked to give in the past – these are small things we can give to show love and loyalty to our loved ones and to others.
As we learn to live more restricted lives at present, we too can make this small sacrifice for the good of others, so that we inhibit the spread of the virus and might once again enjoy the
freedom we have known. Many service personnel made the greatest sacrifices during the wars, and maybe this time
we have a different kind of frontline – we remember particularly the medical staff who are working hard once more to care for those infected and made poorly by Corona.
As we come once more to our Remembrance Sunday services and commemorate all those who died serving their country in many and various conflicts, we remember the greatest sacrifice of all – the one made by Jesus the son of God, who out of love gave his life once and for all so that we might know true freedom and eternal life.
Your friend and minister

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