September Minister’s Pastoral Letter

Dear friends
Here we are in September – I hope you have been able to take
some rest and relaxation over the ‘Summer’ months. September
is traditionally a time when children return to school for the start
of a new school year, when adults get back into the routine of life
after Summer breaks, when we think about the coming of
Autumn and celebrate this season of fruitfulness at Harvest.
Our groups are also starting to return to their activities. Recently
we held a meeting for representatives from groups who use our
building, to chat about how we can keep each other safe while
resuming activities. It struck me looking around the meeting that
these groups are a kind of harvest too – still here, still wanting to
offer connection and fellowship in different ways for many people
who have missed that over the past months. A harvest of
resilience, care and offering something to others.

Most of our groups want to return in September and we want to
welcome them – if you would be willing to act as a ‘welcomer’ in
the first few weeks of September, please let Vicky know or add
your name to the list of dates and times on the noticeboard..

Many of you will know that up until lockdown, one group which
met regularly was the Alzheimer’s activity group. The organisers
I spoke to recently were feeling it was time for a change and this
might be an opportunity for our church to enhance what has
already been done, by offering a monthly memory café. Many of
us have seen or experienced the impact of dementia and this
might be a good opportunity for us to reach out and support
those in our own community with a monthly group. We will be
holding a meeting on Tues 21 September at 10.30am for those
of us who are interested, to explore this further. Maybe this
might be a way of working towards another harvest- a harvest of
kindness and acceptance, offering support to those with
dementia and their carers.

Finally, speaking of children returning to school, we have been
invited to attend Queens Park school this year for their
Education Sunday service on the 3rd October. We are fortunate
to have connections with a couple of local schools and a
number of our members and elders serve as governors and so
it is lovely that we can continue to build relationship and join
together with children and staff for school events – we can give
thanks for this kind of harvest too.
Your friend and minister

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